365pictures: Days 61-90

Somehow it’s already a month later. I’m not sure how that happened.

A bunch of self-portraits in this batch. We’ll see if this is because of picture-talking doldrums, or if they were really justified. (I think some were, some were not.)

There were definitely a few pictures that I’m really pleased with, though, and one that I still owe a longer write-up for Butch about once I realised that it was going to take more than a paragraph.

And, as always, the full set is available at this link if you so wish.

Alyssa's tired of giving kisses goodnight.Balloon ArchHeading into the lightRush Hour...at the end of the tunnel.
New exercise shirtNOW.Gazebo at nightCalifornia Ave NWThe Words that Bind Us
ParkingThe View From Where I SitReverse MoradoAll Hail Wii.Eights Over Aces
Sea of CupcakesFirst Snow of 2007 (evening)It's a rough life, being a dog.Conference Room CageLots of gray hair
Shaving, Phase 1: Down to a GoateeShaving, Phase 2: Attack of the Fu ManchuDave enjoys a pintMimosas for everyone!Eat
The PlungeHole in my headSeaweed Salad in ChopsticksSappiness at Marvelous MarketMartini Coaster

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