365pictures: Days 331-365

Wow. So this is it, the final installment of the 365pictures project.

I won’t deny it, while sometimes it was a real pain in the rear, on the whole I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot about photography, about paying attention to the world around me, and noticing the less obvious things in my immediate area.

A friend recently noted that as the project continued I shifted a lot more from taking pictures of big things around me to using the macro function of the camera and taking close-ups of different things. I think it was the difference between relying on finding art and creating art, and that’s a skill I hope to continue to try and develop.

Looking at the set this morning, I did end up swapping out four photos from November and December. Early on I had some photos where while I set up the basic shot, someone else took the picture itself; as time went on, I disallowed that as an option (although using the camera self-timer is still acceptable) and I finally went and chose different options from those days to be in my 365pictures project. (After a bit of going back and forth I decided not to edit those posts where I showed the earlier montages of images. So you’ll just have to take me at my word that the selections in the actual Flickr set for November 26 & 28 and December 20 & 23 are changed to ones I actually took or used the self-timer for.)

Oh, and all but one photo were taken with the same camera, my Canon PowerShot SD600. It served me really well; it’s small and easily portable, but takes wonderful pictures. (The exception was using my cameraphone on March 22, when I just felt ill and that was all I could muster for the day.)

Last but not least, as always, you can view my entire 365pictures set at this link. Thanks for hanging in there. It was a pretty fun trip.

FlagFlu Shot Day!Nuts GaloreLove, From ScratchGloria Victis
Bel AirMy Grandfather's PipeDelicate PetalsRed Balloon Colored GlassesEarly Light
Wall of GlassLost in Translation?Bridge NightLove and RocketsYet Another Sunset
Freshly RolledSmall Corner WindowReddish TipsVision in WhiteFading Out
Warm Comfort FoodSparkle SeasonBasket Full of KittensD'AnjouReturn of the Monochromatic Meal
And Now, We RestWorst Moon Bounce EverBoney FootBento Lunch -- 2007-10-30Pile of Kisses
Station 1 MileColor RangeWall of CorkageIn FocusOne Pill Makes You Larger

365pictures: Days 301-330

In the words of a certain hair band, “It’s the final countdown!” (I’ll spare you the guitar riffs.)

None the less, it’s very exciting. 35 days to go and—fingers crossed—no skipped days.

As per usual, a couple pictures I’m really happy with. One or two, not so much. But on the whole, I can look at these photos and think that I’ve learned a lot in the last 330 days.

Anyway, if you’d like to view the whole set to date, you can do so at this link. Back in early November for the big wrap-up!

5th AvenueMonument and BasinNot the Olympic FlameBurning BrightMind the Bump
Farmer's Market EggplantYellow 5 • Blue 1Leftover SpiralsThrough My Grandfather's EyesSuch Perfect Wings
Temptation WaitsSomething Radiant This Way ComesUnderground GlowAirborneBuild Your Own Solar System
(Not) FrozenEye, CameraReady To Go!AnticipationBento Lunch -- 2007-09-21
LampsStrataSoftPumpkin SeasonBlack White Orange
Raspberry DeliciousnessDew DropGot Nuts?National Law Enforcement MemorialSolar Power

365pictures: Days 271-300

300. 300!

(I am trying to resist all sorts of jokes about said movie right about now.)

Anyway, I know I keep saying that the end is in sight, and I feel like I should drop in a note now that explains that on the whole, I have very much enjoyed this project. I plan on continuing to carry my camera around with me once it’s done, if nothing else. But there is certainly a lot of pressure/commitment to try and get a picture in every day, and I am looking forward to having that done with and not having to worry about shooting a sub-standard photograph in order to fulfill the daily quota.

So. In short, I do like the project and I am very glad that I chose to tackle it, but I will love the freedom I will have once it is over. And, as always, a link to the full set is available here.


Mothership LandingAll May Park, All Must Pay18-Miler Reward: Part 1Hideous DiscardsNigiri Sake Sushi
WeightKeep FrozenAll The Pretty Deck Chairs In A RowOn The Edge Of ForeverWeathervane
Not MushroomsEight Buddhas In A RowWillow Entrance4-7-3-4G&T
Ferris WheelIwo Jima by NightImpulse BuyUnsureCanopy
With TeethUnsure Of Their FateSalt and PepperThe GrantComfort Food
My Lunch Scares MeNew PantsIn FlightCeiling StarEye on the Ball

365pictures: Days 211-240

Two-thirds of the way there. Oof.

This is perhaps the most of the “mixed-batch” yet for me; some that I really love, others where I was scrambling to find a picture for the day. I am glad to be in the “home stretch” even though (as of this morning) I still have 123 more to go. Come on, November!

Meanwhile, I have my heart now set on a camera from Canon that (with a slightly newer model available) has been marked down a couple hundred bucks, and has a 12X optical zoom. (My current camera has a 3X optical zoom.) I blame this project for me wanting that.

Anyway, as always, enjoy! (And if you’d like to see the full set, they’re available at this link.)

Ghost TrainGum of HappinessCan't Sleep, Flowers Will Eat MeMixing ColorsTangle
FlingingDizzyingViolationForest of SteelAnyone Want a Book?
DiagonalFood Product, or Throat Culture?BoardwalkLakeside ViewPreviously on Doctor Who...
The Colors of MusicHouse of KabobDevouredRestoredA Glimmer of Good-Nature?
Literal Bird's Eye ViewFragile SkinsLet Me In!TemptationI Heart Flowers
Fixing the NewsPushing Back the SprayInspirationMeditationLove Without Rules

365pictures: Days 181-210

Well, not really. Technically this set is Days 144 & 182-210. You see… I made a mistake earlier on and left out day 144. So everything from that point has been off by a day.

Fortunately, once I realized that a day’s picture was missing (and was able to track it down—I had actually taken a picture that day and uploaded it to Flickr!) the problem was easy to solve. It’s now in its proper order in the full set, but for the purposes of this posting I’m letting it “borrow” the position of Day 181. (Which was shown in the last set. Don’t worry, it all makes sense.)

Blah blah blah. Anyway, this is the next set of photos! I might just make it all the way to 365 after all.

(The full set, as always, is located at this link.)

Trying for SpringToys Weren't This CreepyAll In A RowThirstAzalea
Something Not Quite Right
Panda and Polar Bear CupcakesReceptionFingering the KeysLife Continues
Channel 4 HelicopterArlingtonVanityFlowAir Force Memorial
IntersectionsMr. Soft-TThe Wasp FactoryThe Other MeSumo Wrestler Weeble
Prelude to ThunderSplashTotemTangleNeed Some Butter?
Green * White * RedSidewalk's EndMeridian Hill ParkWillow Oakmag-no'li-a

365pictures: Days 151-180

Halfway there!

Ok, not really. Technically that’s not until I snap another three pictures. But I’m going to declare this “Halfway There (Observed)” and that’s good enough for government work, to coin a phrase.

This batch is, I think, slightly stronger than the last one (even though the last one had a couple of really fantastic pictures, especially some centered around a certain wedding) because I think there’s only a small of pictures that I look at and think, “You were really reaching, there.”

As always, enjoy, and a link to the full photoset is available here.

The Two JaredsSecret MessagesHaa-Cha!HangingDown the Hatch
Spin Spin Spin
Also sprach ZarathustraDo Not LickTable DressingsTogether Again
Newberry Parfait PicoteeInterior Design by Tobacco HeritageDalekmania 2007Vino
JumbleA Nice Spring Afternoon at WorkDavid RakoffGo to Hell, Men's Health
Petals like Fingers
Brighton RockSea of PetalsPink DogwoodLight Trails
Little Viet By Night
ColumbineMore Construction?BemusementTemple of the Scottish Rite

365pictures: Days 121-150

150 days in and this is a bit of a mixed batch. A couple of these scream of desperation to me, but I try and make them chronicle my life if I can’t get something particularly clever or good.

On the bright side? Well, it kicks off with one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken yet (no trickery or photoshop used either), and goes from there with great events like a wedding, a birthday, two races, family, a drag queen, and glimpses of spring.

In many ways I think this is the most mixed bag yet, both good and bad. I’ll take it, and I hope as always you enjoy.

(The full set, for those coming in late or wishing to revisit past glories and failures, is located here.)

Party FlowersBouquet of WhiteCandle Burning BrightlyWishing For WarmthThat Smile
Spring Just OutsideWell, I used to be hungry...All Your Sphere Are Belong To UsSpring?Belted In
Project RomanticDaily PlanetTaking FlightDumpster DivingA Whole Lot of Candy
Ready to Play?Top of the WorldReturn to the SpiralHouse ArrestThe Bitter End
Food PyramidA Kiss is But a KissFrat Party or Restaurant Patio?DuskAlyssa, Center Stage
Up in the AirLocal SportsClouds on BranchesStrange ShoesBeware of Serial Killer

365pictures: Days 91-120

Ok, this post is about a week late (today’s picture will be for Day 127) but that’s what happens when you get busy, right?

Anyway, this group has both some real hits and misses, there’s no doubt about that.

I was about to list which ones I thought worked out really well and which ones were what I’ve come to think of as “desperation pictures” but nah, I’ll keep my mouth shut on that. Or at least the latter half.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for the next batch, though. Wedding and (hopefully) race shots, both of which should be quite fun. We shall see, though, we shall see.

Tomorrow's DinnerSputnikFrozen WorldBridge to WinterRemember What The Dormouse Said
Gojira! Gojira!I Want Your SoulPassion FlowerMy Car Looks Like YuckSnowpocalypse Averted
V-Day DaisiesGive Peace a Chance!LAXSunset at Manhattan BeachThe Age of Steel
XanaduVault of NightA box of... um...Red GiantSolar Daisy
Sweet Sweet LoveSnow TreesLate Christmas GiftRosslyn's Got Big OnesRed Nipple
ScrawlMountain of VelveetaNow DepartingNational MallJ & S Cheesecake

365pictures: Days 61-90

Somehow it’s already a month later. I’m not sure how that happened.

A bunch of self-portraits in this batch. We’ll see if this is because of picture-talking doldrums, or if they were really justified. (I think some were, some were not.)

There were definitely a few pictures that I’m really pleased with, though, and one that I still owe a longer write-up for Butch about once I realised that it was going to take more than a paragraph.

And, as always, the full set is available at this link if you so wish.

Alyssa's tired of giving kisses goodnight.Balloon ArchHeading into the lightRush Hour...at the end of the tunnel.
New exercise shirtNOW.Gazebo at nightCalifornia Ave NWThe Words that Bind Us
ParkingThe View From Where I SitReverse MoradoAll Hail Wii.Eights Over Aces
Sea of CupcakesFirst Snow of 2007 (evening)It's a rough life, being a dog.Conference Room CageLots of gray hair
Shaving, Phase 1: Down to a GoateeShaving, Phase 2: Attack of the Fu ManchuDave enjoys a pintMimosas for everyone!Eat
The PlungeHole in my headSeaweed Salad in ChopsticksSappiness at Marvelous MarketMartini Coaster