365pictures: Days 91-120

Ok, this post is about a week late (today’s picture will be for Day 127) but that’s what happens when you get busy, right?

Anyway, this group has both some real hits and misses, there’s no doubt about that.

I was about to list which ones I thought worked out really well and which ones were what I’ve come to think of as “desperation pictures” but nah, I’ll keep my mouth shut on that. Or at least the latter half.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for the next batch, though. Wedding and (hopefully) race shots, both of which should be quite fun. We shall see, though, we shall see.

Tomorrow's DinnerSputnikFrozen WorldBridge to WinterRemember What The Dormouse Said
Gojira! Gojira!I Want Your SoulPassion FlowerMy Car Looks Like YuckSnowpocalypse Averted
V-Day DaisiesGive Peace a Chance!LAXSunset at Manhattan BeachThe Age of Steel
XanaduVault of NightA box of... um...Red GiantSolar Daisy
Sweet Sweet LoveSnow TreesLate Christmas GiftRosslyn's Got Big OnesRed Nipple
ScrawlMountain of VelveetaNow DepartingNational MallJ & S Cheesecake

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