Laughing at Myself, Florentine Style

Recently I decided that I was actually going to order some of the (overpriced) photos from the Florence Marathon. I figure, hey, I’m only running that race once so I should get something else to remember it. With that in mind, I would now like to present four of the funniest race photos I think I’ve ever had taken of me.

Quite possibly my favorite picture of the entire event. I look confused, or lost, or quite possibly both. Meanwhile there’s a lovely view of Piazza Signoria behind me, but I’m a little too busy (or rather, lost) to stop and gaze. At this pont I clearly just want it all to be over.

I know what you’re thinking: I look like a badass here. And you know, I thought I did too. Then I got the high-res version of this picture and the truth was revealed: my eyes were closed. I think I was going to pass out at this point, or maybe this is when more salty sweat was dripping into my eyes. Either way? Aaauuuggghhh. MAKE IT END.

I am trying sooooo hard here to smile, but I can’t get myself to actually do so. You can just really see how tired and weary and feeling like crap I am, even as I put on my game face for the photographer.

This is the only really “normal” picture that I got taken and it was a supreme effort to smile as I ran across the finish line. I’m tilting my head, you see, because I am about to fall over. And remember, this is the normal picture.

I cannot wait to put all four of these into frames! Because these are seriously fantastic pictures.

5 thoughts on “Laughing at Myself, Florentine Style

  1. Jamie S. Rich says:

    Dude…you look like you’re smuggling something in those shorts! *ahem*

  2. That’s what we in the industry call “an added bonus.”

    Or at the very least, “Why those are my favorite running shorts.”

  3. Noah says:


    I was trying to catch you in the final stretch of the National Marathon, but you were too fast. (And apparently I started a minute earlier than you anyway, so you beat me doubly.) Hopefully this link will work. I thought you’d get a kick out of it:

    Nice work!

    PS I don’t normally look so mean.

  4. Ha! That’s hysterical! I should say that I normally don’t look so driven/insane either. I was actually trying to catch someone that was just ahead of me at that moment, as it turns out… The joys of the chute, huh?

    Thanks so much for passing this one on!

  5. […] in the meantime, here’s some amusement for everyone. (Sadly nothing quite hits the, “Help me I am lost and have amnesia” photo’s level of hilarity from the Firenze Marathon last year, but still, good […]

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