365pictures: Days 331-365

Wow. So this is it, the final installment of the 365pictures project.

I won’t deny it, while sometimes it was a real pain in the rear, on the whole I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve learned a lot about photography, about paying attention to the world around me, and noticing the less obvious things in my immediate area.

A friend recently noted that as the project continued I shifted a lot more from taking pictures of big things around me to using the macro function of the camera and taking close-ups of different things. I think it was the difference between relying on finding art and creating art, and that’s a skill I hope to continue to try and develop.

Looking at the set this morning, I did end up swapping out four photos from November and December. Early on I had some photos where while I set up the basic shot, someone else took the picture itself; as time went on, I disallowed that as an option (although using the camera self-timer is still acceptable) and I finally went and chose different options from those days to be in my 365pictures project. (After a bit of going back and forth I decided not to edit those posts where I showed the earlier montages of images. So you’ll just have to take me at my word that the selections in the actual Flickr set for November 26 & 28 and December 20 & 23 are changed to ones I actually took or used the self-timer for.)

Oh, and all but one photo were taken with the same camera, my Canon PowerShot SD600. It served me really well; it’s small and easily portable, but takes wonderful pictures. (The exception was using my cameraphone on March 22, when I just felt ill and that was all I could muster for the day.)

Last but not least, as always, you can view my entire 365pictures set at this link. Thanks for hanging in there. It was a pretty fun trip.

FlagFlu Shot Day!Nuts GaloreLove, From ScratchGloria Victis
Bel AirMy Grandfather's PipeDelicate PetalsRed Balloon Colored GlassesEarly Light
Wall of GlassLost in Translation?Bridge NightLove and RocketsYet Another Sunset
Freshly RolledSmall Corner WindowReddish TipsVision in WhiteFading Out
Warm Comfort FoodSparkle SeasonBasket Full of KittensD'AnjouReturn of the Monochromatic Meal
And Now, We RestWorst Moon Bounce EverBoney FootBento Lunch -- 2007-10-30Pile of Kisses
Station 1 MileColor RangeWall of CorkageIn FocusOne Pill Makes You Larger

One thought on “365pictures: Days 331-365

  1. Terry says:

    Congratulations… you have far more patience that I do.

    I’ve enjoyed the pictures that you have posted over the year.

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