Finish Line Predictions: OBX 2007 Edition

Ok everyone, it’s time for the fourth iteration of the fabulous game show that gives out prizes1: Guess Greg’s Finishing Time!

Here are the details/rules:

Guesses must be made no later than 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on Saturday night. No waiting until it’s over to guess! It doesn’t matter if you are “over” or “under” the time, but in the impossible case of a tiebreaker, the more flattering option is the winner.

You don’t have to include seconds in your guess, but that can very well make the difference between winning and losing. I’ll also reveal that this year I’ve been training at a 9:00min/mile pace, while last year was a 9:30min/mile pace. You can even look at all my past race times if you think that will help.

Guessing that I won’t finish the marathon is not only an immediate disqualification, but will also earn you a punch in the stomach the next time I see you. Hard. You have been warned that I find such predictions intensely unfunny.

Good luck on your predictions! You too many soon join the ranks of Neil, Krista, and Rick (winners for MCM 2005, National Half 2006, and Firenze 2006)…

1 And by prizes, I mean none. But you get to bask in the glory of winning, that’s exciting, right?

One thought on “Finish Line Predictions: OBX 2007 Edition

  1. Terry says:

    You are a freaking running stud! Your strategy for this race is totally awesome and I am stealing part of it for my race Saturday.

    Now, for the guess…


    I feel so lonely posting over here, but I am going to give WP some love.

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