365pictures: Days 121-150

150 days in and this is a bit of a mixed batch. A couple of these scream of desperation to me, but I try and make them chronicle my life if I can’t get something particularly clever or good.

On the bright side? Well, it kicks off with one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken yet (no trickery or photoshop used either), and goes from there with great events like a wedding, a birthday, two races, family, a drag queen, and glimpses of spring.

In many ways I think this is the most mixed bag yet, both good and bad. I’ll take it, and I hope as always you enjoy.

(The full set, for those coming in late or wishing to revisit past glories and failures, is located here.)

Party FlowersBouquet of WhiteCandle Burning BrightlyWishing For WarmthThat Smile
Spring Just OutsideWell, I used to be hungry...All Your Sphere Are Belong To UsSpring?Belted In
Project RomanticDaily PlanetTaking FlightDumpster DivingA Whole Lot of Candy
Ready to Play?Top of the WorldReturn to the SpiralHouse ArrestThe Bitter End
Food PyramidA Kiss is But a KissFrat Party or Restaurant Patio?DuskAlyssa, Center Stage
Up in the AirLocal SportsClouds on BranchesStrange ShoesBeware of Serial Killer

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