365pictures: Days 301-330

In the words of a certain hair band, “It’s the final countdown!” (I’ll spare you the guitar riffs.)

None the less, it’s very exciting. 35 days to go and—fingers crossed—no skipped days.

As per usual, a couple pictures I’m really happy with. One or two, not so much. But on the whole, I can look at these photos and think that I’ve learned a lot in the last 330 days.

Anyway, if you’d like to view the whole set to date, you can do so at this link. Back in early November for the big wrap-up!

5th AvenueMonument and BasinNot the Olympic FlameBurning BrightMind the Bump
Farmer's Market EggplantYellow 5 • Blue 1Leftover SpiralsThrough My Grandfather's EyesSuch Perfect Wings
Temptation WaitsSomething Radiant This Way ComesUnderground GlowAirborneBuild Your Own Solar System
(Not) FrozenEye, CameraReady To Go!AnticipationBento Lunch -- 2007-09-21
LampsStrataSoftPumpkin SeasonBlack White Orange
Raspberry DeliciousnessDew DropGot Nuts?National Law Enforcement MemorialSolar Power

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