365pictures: Days 151-180

Halfway there!

Ok, not really. Technically that’s not until I snap another three pictures. But I’m going to declare this “Halfway There (Observed)” and that’s good enough for government work, to coin a phrase.

This batch is, I think, slightly stronger than the last one (even though the last one had a couple of really fantastic pictures, especially some centered around a certain wedding) because I think there’s only a small of pictures that I look at and think, “You were really reaching, there.”

As always, enjoy, and a link to the full photoset is available here.

The Two JaredsSecret MessagesHaa-Cha!HangingDown the Hatch
Spin Spin Spin
Also sprach ZarathustraDo Not LickTable DressingsTogether Again
Newberry Parfait PicoteeInterior Design by Tobacco HeritageDalekmania 2007Vino
JumbleA Nice Spring Afternoon at WorkDavid RakoffGo to Hell, Men's Health
Petals like Fingers
Brighton RockSea of PetalsPink DogwoodLight Trails
Little Viet By Night
ColumbineMore Construction?BemusementTemple of the Scottish Rite

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