Uberlist 2007: Four Months Later

So! Four months down, let’s see how this year’s Uberlist is coming along.


3. Complete a 10-miler in under 1:32:38
4. Complete a half-marathon in under 2:06:08
7. Go to one gym class
10. Learn how to properly use the weights at the gym
11. Quit Gold’s for Arlington Rec, or use Gold’s classes
16. Go to an exhibition at the Freer/Sackler Galleries
17. Go up to the top of the Washington Monument (you’ve only lived here 32 years, Greg, it’s about time)
21. Visit the National Museum of the American Indian
41. Start the New Year in a way you want the rest to follow
55. Visit Marc when you’re in Los Angeles
67. Get a code for the front door (found out by accident but I don’t care! victory!)
96. Mail your marathon thank-you cards
103. Write an article for Enlightenment

So, not too bad, but I’ve done better at this point in time as well. Although I do have a bunch of ones that are partially done, or an ongoing process. That should help spruce up my feelings of getting things done a bit!

In Progress!/Ongoing

8. Go to the gym on a regular basis
9. Keep my waist fitting in 30″ jeans
12. Run regularly each week
13. Run for an 8-mile stretch or higher at least once a month
14. Run a non-DC area race (I’m in the NYC Marathon lottery, and if I don’t get in, probably Philly as a backup)
23. Complete my 365pictures project (as of today, 178 pictures done!)
24. Continue to go to Dr. Phillips as needed
27. Get car serviced every 5000 miles (scheduled the 15000 maintenance for next week, and 20000 should be it for this year)
34. Lead the discussion in one of the Lambda Sci-Fi book club selections (guess I should see if I’m on tap for July or not)
35. Read at least 8 of Lambda Sci-Fi’s 11 book club books (3 down!)
40. Resist buying Nintendo games until you’ve thoroughly played the ones you have
42. Take 20 pictures for my 50 state street photo project (15 down!)
47. Watch Batman Animated Volume 1 DVDs (almost done with this set, and it gets better and better)
56. Visit my grandparents in Pennsylvania (in theory, May 12-13)
68. Go through books and donate ones I no longer want
69. Go to bed by 10:30pm on a regular basis
71. Keep piles of stuff from forming
78. Sort through the comics and weed out what you can
82. Take unneeded clothes and appliances to Goodwill
83. Vacuum every week
84. Wear nicer clothing on a regular basis
85. Work on reducing debt
86. Bring your lunch more often than buying it
92. Get to work by 9:30 on a regular basis
95. Spruce up the plants in my office
98. Regularly backup and archive my documents folder (just brought in two DVDs worth of backups into the office)

Hmmmm. We’re getting somewhere! I think!

2 thoughts on “Uberlist 2007: Four Months Later

  1. Susan says:

    How awesome are you? I am so inspired…

    … to keep reading how you have achieved your Ueberlist items!

  2. Thanks! There’s still a looooot to go, though!

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