365pictures: Days 241-270

These are, indeed, the end days.

(Tick tick tick tick tick.)

A couple I absolutely adore here. One or two definite scrambles. So, about par for the course, really. But less than 100 days to go, which delights me to no end.

As always, the link to the full set is located here if you’d like to see more.

St. John's Episcopal Church RuinsConqueror's PyramidWessThroughContemplative Britt
99.9 F°Electric GreenUrban SunsetAn Animated Mike CareyWindshield Now Optional
Don't CryPattern RecognitionBlack Bean SaladContrastsA Ray of Hope
View from a Margarita
Two Harrys, No WaitingPre-Run DinnerCotton BallsWall
6738LinksRelaxRainy EveningPower
IridescentMarch of the PepperpotsGrammatically-Challenged GraphittiWolf Trap LawnRipening

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