Ka-boom Ka-boom

I upgraded my personal website as well as my reviewing website today, pushing them both from WordPress 2.2 to 2.3. And everything on my personal one blew up. Which is sort of apt, because I’ve been dealing with a pain in the neck for a while, now.

In this case, the pain in the neck is a literal one; I’ve been having some neck and shoulder stiffness/soreness/tension for the past week or two. Today, though, was the absolute worst day. It honestly felt like moving my head was difficult at best, at one point in the afternoon, and I began to wonder how the heck I was going to drive home. Fortunately we’ve got a wonderful accountant who is also a licensed massage therapist who worked on my neck and shoulders a bit today, and I felt better enough that driving was once more an option.

Warm Comfort FoodSince then I’ve been using a heating pad, having some comfort food in the form of miso soup and some chocolate mint truffle tea (somehow warmth just seemed right to be inside as well as outside), and just trying to take it easy. I took a little medicine as well, which honestly doesn’t seem to have helped that much. But I’m going to have a little more work done on the neck and shoulders at work tomorrow, and if it’s still bothering me after that I’ll book an appointment to get some heavy-duty attention paid to it.

Meanwhile, the personal website was almost at the point where it was back in running order, but just enough was still broken that I finally gave up and installed a different look-and-feel. We’ll see what I think of it in a day or so; for now it’ll do, and that’s all I really care about. Getting through to the next day, that’s the current motto. We’ll see how it all shakes out tomorrow, right?

(Oh, and yesterday was the return to running after two weeks off. A little bit of soreness in the foot, so if it persists it’ll be back to the doctor who will no doubt give me a jab of cortisone, which sounds pretty nice. Today, though, was fairly amusing because even though I used the elliptical religiously for two weeks, my legs were definitely knowing that they had not really run in all that time. Yeesh. I felt like I’d run 18 miles on Sunday, not 8.)

3 thoughts on “Ka-boom Ka-boom

  1. Susan says:

    How are you feeling? Did Kris mention any stretches/computer ergonomic changes?

    Ugh. I am so sorry.

  2. Terry says:

    It’s always a mystery on whether an upgrade is going to work. Apparently, with 2.3 at least one of the plug-ins that I was using (Ultimate Tag Warrior) is no longer supported *sigh* and there’s a new tagging feature in the post page *sigh* AND will I have to retag all 1000+ post *hands up in air* *sigh*

  3. Susan — It’s now feeling a lot better. One shoulder is completely better, and the other one is still tight but not as bad as before and appears to still be healing. I’ve been doing some stretches, which is helping too.

    Terry — I was lucky in that for my plug-ins all I had to do was upgrade a couple of them, but yeah, that’s a pain in the rear otherwise. And retagging everything? ARGH! Maybe someone will come up with an “import my old tags” feature?

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