Wine-Book Wednesdays: Andy Lee

When I first kicked off the wine-book, there was one artist whom I absolutely, positively, had to have as the first contributor. Namely, Andy Lee.

Andy Lee creates his art in the Buddhist Cha’an splash style—it’s amazing to watch him flick the paint onto the page and then move it around with brushes and fingers and anything else necessary. Every piece of his is nothing short of amazing, and I just love to watch him work.

So with that in mind, I asked him to christen off the book. He said he was honored, asked me if I preferred white or red wine, and what year I was born. He then went and created… well… just look for yourself. How beautiful is that? I can’t think of a more gorgeous beginning.

One thought on “Wine-Book Wednesdays: Andy Lee

  1. Susan says:

    Holy smokes, this is gorgeous! What a great idea, and what a gift to you! I cannot think of anyone who would deserve a gift like this, and appreciate it, more.

    I am going to read some of the Finder stuff, too. Sounds really up my alley. Thanks for the info.
    Will send it along to some folks, as well.

    Keep it coming…

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