Wine-Book Wednesdays: Matt Feazell

I often tell people that I can’t draw. Their response is, “Oh, come on, everyone can draw. You can draw stick figures, right?” But the sad reality is that thanks to Matt Feazell‘s brilliant stick-figures, I’m not even sure I can claim that.

It’s funny, because his art is deceptively simple looking, but he’s able to bring so much in the way of motion and life to his little figures that… well… I’d say it’s just not fair, but that’s certainly not the case. He’s just that good, that’s it pure and simple.

From now on, whenever anyone drinks, the sound-effect “Gla Gla Gla” needs to be used, incidentally.

One thought on “Wine-Book Wednesdays: Matt Feazell

  1. Marion Bartoli says:

    J’aime bien Monsieur Greg. Il est comme un grand piece de gateau. Yum!

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