Wine-Book Wednesdays: Alex Robinson

I’ve been reading Alex Robinson‘s comics since, gosh, when did Box Office Poison first begin?

His comics have a great mix of humor and drama; Box Office Poison juggled its cast of characters adeptly over the years, and his graphic novel Tricked showed that he could boil a story down well into a single, non-serialized unit. When Alex drew this for me at Mid-Ohio-Con in 2001, I was standing off to one side talking with his wife Kristen Siebecker about how one would put on a comic book convention.

The next summer, she did just that with the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City. (Which was a real joy to attend, I might add, and you’ll eventually see some sketches from that show here as well.) And Alex? Well, not only is this a great drawing, but his exaggerated self-portrait still makes me chuckle.

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