Wine-Book Wednesdays: Matt Madden

Matt Madden is one of those creators for whom I don’t think there’s ever an appropriately√ā¬†huge amount of buzz around, even as he continually turns out smart, literate pieces of work. I really liked his graphic novel Odds Off, and in the past couple of years he’s put out two very good books on the making of comics; 99 Ways To Tell A Story: Exercises in Style takes the same script and shows 99 different ways to tell it, and Drawing Words and Writing Pictures: Making Comics from Manga to Graphic Novels (co-written by Jessica Abel) is hitting stores later this year.

More people should read his comics, they’re great stuff… just like this drawing. (I love that he didn’t erase the pencil marks after he inked it. Seeing the genesis of the drawing entrances me.)

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