Good Times, Keep On Coming

All sorts of things going on in Gregland as of late. Most of them? Pretty good. Let’s see.

I hit the big 35 yesterday, which went rather pleasantly. Work was super-busy and my 3-miler in the morning was less than thrilling, but hey, no big deal. Julie made cannoli pies and brought them in, and trust me when I say that they were as delicious as they sound.

(The crusts in the photos below are slightly different colors because, well, they were! One was graham cracker, one was chocolate.)

Cannoli Pie! More Cannoli Pie!

After work, despite a six-car pile-up on the GW Parkway, I made my way downtown to meet Charlie. He’d scheduled me a massage at BodyCo, which felt fantastic, and then we went to Kotobuki over in the Palisades neighborhood for a delicious dinner. Add in some lovely gifts from my family, Charlie, and Julie (some books, Patapon and Crazy Taxi for the PSP, BSG Season 3 DVDs, the new k.d. lang CD, a beautiful new shirt, some new shoes) and I must say it was a wonderful birthday indeed.

Today was apparently “Greg Registers For Things” day. I put in my application for the NYC Marathon, so we’ll see if I get in this year or not (there’s a lottery system; I tried last year but came up empty). I also put in my registration to exhibit some of my photographs at Artomatic, which is a non-juried art exhibition here in the DC area. I went last year and while some parts were more interesting than others (I challenge anyone to truthfully say they liked all of it) there were some very, very good pieces there. So on April 12th I get to select my space at the exhbition (I got a nice and early slot, hurrah) and it runs May 9th through June 15th. Expect me to be talking about this more as it gets closer.

Oh! And I got a very interesting freelance offer yesterday, which I can’t talk about other than to say that I accepted it and it’s something that is really a logical extension to an existing activity of mine. But once that goes live, I’ll talk a bit more about that.

This Saturday will be the half marathon, and while I must admit I’m actually a little nervous about it (I have a bad feeling I will not be beating last year’s time, which would make me a little sad) we shall see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. In some ways I’m looking more forward to cheering Charlie on as he runs the full marathon. That alone will make the day worth it.

Add in having just gotten my workout schedule for essentially mid-April through the end of October in front of me (thanks to a rigorous running spreadsheet courtesy Fred) and it feels like I’ve got a lot of great stuff mapped out in front of me. And I, for one, am all for that. I’ve got an adorable little patch of wheatgrass sitting on my desk, there are some balloons floating across the office, and the world is full of life and possibilities.

4 thoughts on “Good Times, Keep On Coming

  1. Arturo says:

    Happy Birthday! (“Big 35”? Youngsters today…)

  2. Terry says:

    Yay! For Good Greg Days!

    I hope my eCard got to you… It was a new site (to me) and I had little options on when to send it.


  3. Arturo — Thanks!

    Terry — I did indeed! Very much obliged. 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    Happy Birthday, belatedly. How are you feeling? Worried after that last post…

    CONGRATS on the Artomatic submission! Yay! I love and hate various part of it, and that is why i think it is the coolest art exhibit, ever. That plus many memories of attending the last three.

    I am jealous of the cannoli pie.

    Continued luck on all of the good stuff…and here’s hoping the challenges are only that!


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