Counteracting the Bleah

I don’t know what happened, but starting about an hour after spinning class last night I have felt like, well, bleah. Tired, stomach a tiny bit upset (but not incredibly), just sort of sagging into the chair or couch cushions. Hmph.

And outside, it seems like nature is of the same mind. Summer seems to have officially fled the region about a month early; we all had our suspicions but this gray, cold, rainy day is definitely under the auspices of autumn and not summer. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. (I like the idea of not having long runs in the baking heat, but there is something to be said for the slightly warmer weather.)

As I have a long run scheduled for Saturday morning, I think I am heading home to lie down and see if I can bounce back. (Book club for tonight, at this point, is also up in the air.) But I am going to look at pretty pictures and think of bright, cheery things. That works just as well as anything else, right?

Painter's Cup

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