Confession time: I love weddings.

Good weddings mean that everyone has a great time as you celebrate the love between two people. Bad weddings… well, they provide great story fodder for years to come. But yeah, I really love going to weddings, especially when I’ve known the people for years. Saturday was my cousin Allison’s wedding to her boyfriend Joe, and it was a great time; lots of relatives came down for it, and it was fantastic to see so many of them. I really get a kick out of how fast we all slide back into conversations and running jokes like it’s been minutes (instead of months or years) since we’ve all seen each other.

I’m not sure which was the funniest part of the wedding—when me and some of my cousins had a “model fierce-off” (no, you do not get to see the photos, they outnumber me and will skin me alive), or when Allison gave up all pretense of tossing the bouquet over her shoulder and instead turned around and whipped it right at her sister. Who knew Allison had such a good fastball pitch?

I also got to break out the new camera and take a few pictures, which was… well… unsurprisingly fun.










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