I have a bad tendency to sit on my Netflix movies. Sometimes I go through them quickly—get a DVD in the mail, watch it, send it right back—and that lasts for a few months. And then other times, I end up having the DVD gather a nice layer of dust as it sits on my coffee table.

(I think the record was having Magnolia waiting to be watched for something like nine months. In my weak defense, it’s a very long movie and I wanted to make sure I would have time to watch the entire thing without being interrupted.)

Due to my bad Netflix behavior, about a year ago I switched my membership from three DVDs at a time down to just one. It seemed silly to have so many out all at once if I wasn’t watching them; why pay extra each month, right? Well, back in August Netflix sent me a “bonus disc” for whatever reason. And then, right around the same time, there was some sort of settlement that meant for a month I was suddenly upgraded to an extra disc for a month. So they sent me another one.

Tonight, some four months later, I watched two of three movies and can send them back, which is good since I have to send all three of them back before I can get anything else from Netflix. But there’s just one problem—I cannot figure out what happened to that third DVD.


(Hopefully that copy of The Prestige will show up sooner or later. Heh. I could have sworn it was on the coffee table with Mean Girls and Shaun of the Dead. Oh well, I’ll send them back on Monday, and on the bright side they were both excellent. Nothing is more mortifying than having a DVD out for months and then when you finally watch it, the movie stinks.)

2 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Dave says:

    Magnolia is an awesome movie. It rewards a good viewing.

    Now I’m trying to decide which is worse, missing the fact that Ed got married (!) or that you had some surgery recently. I’m *way* behind on the important stuff though rest assured that I read the Star Trek thread on the V before starting a blog catchup.

    Glad to know it all went well and you’ll be back on your feet fully soon. I’ll see you for dinner and drinks sometime in the not too distant future.

  2. Well, as far as being behind on friends and their goings ons, being on a trip around the world is a good reason to have done so!

    Can’t wait to see you next month—it’s definitely been too long.

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