“Pretend a hurricane is coming during that weekend…”

You may or may not have heard that there’s a little event coming to DC in a week and a half. (No, I’m not referring to Mid-Atlantic Leather, although in an awesome coincidence of planning, it is running January 16-18.)

I’ve been amusing myself this afternoon by looking at the latest road closures for both DC as well as Arlington. It’s really funny the more you look at it. All five bridges leading in from Virginia to DC will be closed to privately-owned vehicles, for instance. I-66 is closed eastbound, as is Route 50, and I-395. Many roads are closed to pedestrians. It is going to be, in short, utterly nuts.

I, of course, am just chortling the entire time. I have food, I have a laptop so I don’t have to worry about heading into the office, and I only live about a mile and a half from Memorial Bridge which is completely open to pedestrians. So I might head in for the festivities knowing that I do not have to worry at all about braving the no-doubt-overly-jammed Metro system and I can hoof it home at any point. If nothing else I figure I will get really good photographs of utter insanty, right?

I will admit I’m a tiny bit envious of some friends who will be in places like Florida or Hawaii during all of the craziness. But at the same time, well, I’m rolling up the sleeves and preparing for an awesome storm of “did you just see that?” everywhere. Yeehah!

(The subject line is from the Arlington Alert e-mail about the weekend. “To prepare for this event, pretend a hurricane is coming during that weekend and expect large crowds, congestion, traffic and many delays. Getting around will be difficult at best so a common sense approach will be important. ” Hee hee hee.)

One thought on ““Pretend a hurricane is coming during that weekend…”

  1. Susan says:

    Why aren’t you jealous of those in Wisconsin?

    Looking forward to the photos!!

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