Live to Eat [365portraits: 035]

Live to Eat [365portraits: 035]

Some people eat to live, but I have always lived to eat. For this I “blame” my mother, who at an early age taught us the joys of eating amazing foods through her cooking. (Somehow I’m a-ok with this.) After tonight’s cycling class at the rec center, the last of my homemade garlic, pasta, and prosciutto soup tasted so good I can hardly even begin to describe its deliciousness.

Incidentally, if you want to feel especially silly, or perhaps merely ungraceful, try and take pictures of yourself eating. Oh good lord, the horrors that little photo session produced…

(I got the recipe from Sally Schneider’s A New Way to Cook, which my friend Ev gave me for my birthday a few years ago. Sooo tasty!)

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