A month later…

…and my life is still boring.

Housework [365portraits: 067]All right, perhaps a slight exaggeration. I have been doing more than just vacuuming, honest. In all honesty, I’ve actually been very busy this past month. It wasn’t so much that I had a lot of extra things on my plate, but rather that I went on vacation for almost a week in mid-Feburary to see some friends. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time, but ever since then I’ve felt like I’ve been catching up on, well, everything else all at once.

When that happens, I find that all sorts of communications slowly shut down or off entirely. My e-mail inbox is normally in the single digits, and ever since mid-February it’s been about four-times as full of things still waiting to reply to. (Cringingly, there’s an e-mail or two in there from right before my mid-December surgery, the remnants of being behind back then too.) I’ve ignored a lot of website updates that I normally read religiously. And needless to say, well, it’s now been over a month since I updated here.

On the bright side, a lot of the “no news is good news” adage applies here. Work is going well. Running has started to finally click back into place (although I am never, ever, ever training for a spring marathon again). Hopefully the friends who are starting to think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth haven’t written me off. Reviews are still being written. Perhaps more importantly, I have an idea (finally) for this year’s Artomatic; it will (like last year) be photography-based, and I think I’ve got about half to two-thirds of an exhibit already taken care of. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can finish taking the appropriate photos and get that rolling. And last week I started carving out some time from my schedule to start some fiction writing again. We’ll see how that goes, but at least for now there are four pages of something that I think don’t entirely suck. Oh, and I have a monstrously large television now because the old one was on death’s door.

Mind you, things are still busy. Tonight and Thursday involve things after work with someone from out of town. Then Friday through Sunday with different people in from out of town. The following weekend is a half marathon. The weekend after that is possibly some birthday stuff, although at the rate everything else is piling up I’m half-tempted to just skip trying to make plans entirely and just celebrate it by doing nothing.

But hey, I’ve got my health, I’m happy, I’m still gainfully employed. There are certainly worse things in life than “I have too many things going on all at once” in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully now that the dangling sword of not-updating-ocles is no longer over my head, it’ll be a little more frequent, right?

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