In case you hear of people laughing so hard they drown…

I feel like I should somehow warn the world that (provided all goes well) I am going to take a stab at lap swimming on Monday. I am pretty sure that I have not done actual lap swimming since, um, 1986 or so.

Saying that this is going to be entertaining? Understatement of the universe. I’m sure there must be a German word for when you are simultaneously looking forward to something and terrified of it, all at once. They’re good with that sort of thing.

On the bright side, new lighting for Artomatic is officially purchased. I suppose there’s a small chance it may somehow fail horribly and I’ll have to use the old one, but hopefully the first weekend of site set-up I can test it out and make sure. (But if someone out there wants my old lights, well, they’re probably going to need a new home.)

And I have told myself that in May, I have to get my old Wine-Book Wednesdays posts up and running again. All it will really take is a good hour or two to scan in about two dozen more images. So if there aren’t any new posts by May7th, feel free to nag. After all, it’ll have been a year since the last one. Yeesh.

This weekend Charlie and I are seeing Chicago at the National Theatre. I’ve never seen it before—on stage or for that matter the movie version. I know absolutely nothing about it. Hopefully entertainment is heading our way tomorrow night.

2 thoughts on “In case you hear of people laughing so hard they drown…

  1. I enjoyed the movie, so unless it’s a bad production, I think you should be reasonably assured it will be entertaining. Any stunt casting for this outing?

  2. Yeah, John O’Hurley as Billy Flynn…

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