Pre-Race Jitters

There’s nothing quite like trying to figure out if you’ve got pre-race jitters, or if you’re generally not doing well. I think anyone who’s had the pre-race jitters will agree that they are awfully hard to tell apart from one another!

But yes, I have a marathon tomorrow. I won’t lie, I don’t feel prepared. Several stumbling blocks were hit along the way, plus for my final long run I did the whole “two shorter runs over two days instead of one huge run,” which is a movement gaining a lot of traction in the running community. Really, that was more or less what I was doing for the Philadelphia Marathon last fall, but of course that race never happened so the experiment was a wash. I could end up rocking it out, we’ll see. But add in that the start time of the race got shifted from 7am to 5:30am, and the threat of rain, and I am feeling even less confident than ever. In my head I’m not even shooting for a personal record tomorrow; just finish under the new time constraints and get it over with.

Hydration [365portraits: 122]

In the meanwhile, though, I’m trying to stay hydrated while my body does its best to make me not hydrated. If nothing else, I do like this photo that I took (using a lens and a tripod that were both birthday presents!) so see, it’s not a loss.

Also, I have accomplished absolutely nothing today. Normally that’s ok but I suspect tomorrow might be a lot of the same. Oops. Oh well.

It’s going to be an odd, odd morning tomorrow. Hopefully if nothing else I will get a good story out of it all.

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