The Worst Thing About Vacation

The worst thing about going on vacation, I’ve decided, is coming back.

Don’t get me wrong, I am always eager to be back in my own bed at the end of a trip, and in my own home. But it’s just as hard for me to then get back into the swing of things. I’ve joked before that at the end of the day I need a vacation from my vacations, but of course that never quite works out. But still, I could use the extra time. My home is a disaster area, if nothing else, and that needs to change pronto.

Still, it’s hard to not find myself looking out the window and wishing for a view more like this:

Reaching to the Sky

Yeah, don’t hold your breath, Greg. Still, maybe when I win the lottery that sort of home away from home can be provided. Until then, I get to deal with all the little things. Like coming home last night and discovering that thanks to a power flicker my television was seriously scrambled. It took almost two hours to finally figure out how to reset everything, and in the future if that happens again it’ll be easily fixable. But it was a major mess, even down to things like a security code being set for some of the features. Yikes.

Oh, and annoyingly, the component cables for my Wii seem to have died; there’s now a nasty yellow tinge being transmitted by them. At least, I hope it’s the problem. I hooked up the standard cables and that’s just fine (if not as good a display), so I ordered a new set to arrive next week and hopefully that will be that. But the whole two-hour ordeal meant that by the time I got to bed, even if I could get up in time there was no way I would actually be able to go for a swim. Instead I did the next best thing; I got into work early, then for my lunch break went for a swim then. It was actually fairly deserted, which is nice to know; no fighting for lanes or such. (And of course, it made me all misty-eyed for the idea of actually hitting the lottery so I could go and do things like swim in the early afternoon.)

(The trip itself was just fine. It’s always nice to see relatives, especially my grandparents. And I can’t remember the last time I sat outdoors and made s’mores over a fire.)

Meanwhile, it’s both sunny out and raining, with rumblings of a storm in the distance. Yay for crazy mixed up signals.

One thought on “The Worst Thing About Vacation

  1. Susan says:

    You. Can. Do. It.

    You will find that place that you can live and feel less burdened within. I know you can!

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