CSA Week 1

Last week was my first CSA delivery! Kale, spring onions, asparagus, and strawberries.

CSA: Week 1

Tragically, my drop-off day is Wednesday, when I normally have spinning class. (Although last week, more importantly, I had a friend’s birthday dinner and ate quite well that Wednesday.) So on Thursday, I sauteed the spring onions, then added in some cider vinegar, dried cranberries, garlic, sugar, and salt. After a few minutes, in went the kale and I cooked it down.

Sweet and Sour Kale

It was a pretty tasty dish, and while most would use it as a side, it was dinner on Thursday night. Then on Friday, I took the rest of the kale and brought it into lunch along with the asparagus, which I roasted in the oven with just a touch of parmesan cheese, in one of my bento boxes.

Bento Lunch -- 2009-06-04

The strawberries were snacked on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Duh. Very tasty too. Can’t wait to see what this week’s food adventure will be!

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