Ka-boom Ka-boom

Have you ever had one of those moments where every time you turn around, something has blown up? First thing this morning was when I shut the mirrored medicine cabinet (after taking out my allergy medicine) and it promptly swung back open. Turns out the magnet on the door itself is no longer attached to the door. Fortunately I think some kind of really strong glue should do the trick there.

Then I got out the Norelco Bodygroom electric razor so that I could shave and shower before heading off to the pool this morning (30 laps/1500 yards, a new record for me!) only to discover that the trimmer/shaver foil was mysteriously missing. I checked the box from the Container Store that I keep my clippers and such in. Nothing. Next I checked the floor around the closet where the box is. Nothing. I even scoured the path between the bathroom and the closet, but came up empty handed. Argh. At least replacement foils are available and so I should have a new one arriving on Wednesday.

In the future, I would like this sort of thing to happen once I am fully awake, because I’m not entirely capable of dealing with it at 6am. (Normally I’d have just fixed the mirror right then and there, for instance.)

On the bright side, I don’t believe that bad things happen in threes, so with any luck that will be the end of it for today. Maybe?

(Tune in tomorrow when we discover that a trip to the gym after work resulted in Greg getting his toes snagged on the chain on the rowing machine.)

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