Typing Away

I’ve been meaning to update here for about a week and a half, but something seems to always be getting in the way. So by the time I finally sit down and start typing, well, it all seems like old news. The “it’s a small small world” post-running brunch from last Saturday, or the former-AIDS-Marathon-staffers BBQ on Sunday just don’t seem to have the same punch in committing them to… well, I almost wrote “paper” but of course that’s not what it is at all. But you get the idea.

Strangely I have actually been writing this past week or so. I’ve been trying to get the fiction-writing part of my brain to de-rust and start moving forward again. Not too much just yet, but it’s been a start; a touch over 5000 words for an old club that I originally belonged to back in the early ’90s. So even though the short (very short) stories are only being seen by them (and what a good group of people they are, I might add), it’s a start. It actually feels funny to move that part of the imagination again after so many years of disuse, with the time being spent writing critical reviews and essays. (To say nothing of stuff for work.)

Oh, and the other reason for not writing much is that my home has been going through its regular cycle of clean-to-cluttered-to-clean. Right now it’s in a downswing and when that happens, it’s hard to sit down and do relaxing things because the place is a disaster. Unfortunately the downswing usually happens when things are crazy crazy crazy. The other half of my two-person department at work has been out of the country for a week and a half (plus a week last month) and he still has another week to go. I’ll be happy when he’s back and I have even a tiny bit more free time at home so that I can really deal with the disaster zone that is my home.

(Alas, it’s not this weekend that things get to be taken care of though. Fortunately it’s for a happy reason, heading out of town Saturday and Sunday to see two friends get married. It’ll be really nice.)

I won’t lie and say, “I’m going to update more now!” but I will say, “I will try to update more.” That’s all I can hope for on some sort of level.

P.S. Saturn Apartments is so far just as good as I thought it would be.

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