My Crossword-fu is Weak

I just got a new Nintendo DS lite; I already had one of the original Nintendo DS handheld game machines, but the DS lite is not only slightly smaller, but also has a much better display and is sleeker to look at, too. I picked it up because the sale price was so good that I thought it would be good for trips; you only need one cartridge to play multiplayer on two or more DSes, so that means that I could put Mario Kart DS into my machine and then Charlie and I could play against each other. That sort of thing. At that price, it was a steal and a half.

Crossword-fu is Weak [365portraits: 226]

Anyway, it also reminded me that I have games that I haven’t touched in a while, so yesterday and today I played some more of my New York Times Crosswords game for the DS. And, um… ouch. Apparently not playing in a long time (or doing any other crosswords) has dulled my abilities. I had to give up on my Wednesday puzzle and go back to Monday (easiest) puzzles. I finally tackled a Tuesday puzzle and… um… yeah, the expression says it all.

I eventually finished it, but it took a whopping 40 minutes to do so. Back to Mondays for a bit more until I regain my crossword legs, I guess. Going from hitting the NYT crossword every Mon/Tues/Wed to nothing at all has really taken its toll.

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