Five Things That Make Me Happy (part 10)

Been a while since I’ve done one of these, but things have been so nuts this week otherwise…

Trader Joe’s Pear Sauce. Where has this been all my life? I’m actually not a big fan of applesauce, it’s always very bland and uninteresting to me. I will buy ones that have berries or some other fruit mixed into them, although finding applesauce with both something else added in but not having sugar added can be tough. Well, Trader Joe’s is now offering pear sauce. No sugar added, and using pears instead of apples. Quite frankly, it’s outstanding. It’s got a crisp taste to it, and there’s actual texture to the pear sauce, you aren’t just eating mush. Yay!

Visqueen – Message to Garcia. In March 2005 I went to see Shonen Knife at the Black Cat in DC; super-small show, a ton of fun. But the group that grabbed my attention even moreso was Visqueen, the opening act. I ran out and bought both of their albums and absolutely loved them, a group of indy rockers from the Pacific Northwest. After what’s felt like a small eternity of waiting, their new album hit about a month ago and I’ve been entranced with it ever since. More and more of the songs are slowly lodging their way into my head. You know that normally I would never send you to MySpace, but I’ll make an exception here so you can listen to some of their songs.

Sushi for lunch. Such a simple but easy pleasure. Mmmmmm.

Marathon training almost being over. It’s so nice to know that I only have one more long training run this year, for January’s Disney World experience. As much as I enjoy running, 20+ mile runs are no longer exciting or interesting or something to look forward to. It’ll be good to focus on shorter distance runs for a while once it’s all over.

Finishing mind-numbing pieces of work. I know that doesn’t sound great. But after spending seven hours fixing two PDF files (more if you count all the time spent on them yeserday), it is a genuine relief to finally have those two nightmares out of my non-existant hair. Seriously, I almost did a dance of joy, I was so excited that they were finally working properly.

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