Thankful Time of Year

Holy cow, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, isn’t it? (Well, at least in the United States it is.) I’m actually heading out of town for Thanksgiving this year; pretty sure the last time I wasn’t around for the day itself, I was in the back seat of a station wagon and my age was in the single digit zone.

(I am vaguely disappointed that Birmingham, Alabama, is not a balmy 90 degrees this time of year. What’s the point of living there?)

So, as I’ll be out of town, here’s an advance photo essay on things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for…

Child stars smoking dope!

The Spidey-Signal!

Cross-dressing Sailor Moons wearing sneakers!

Uncomfortably snug pants!

Chanukah ham!

Awesome parking jobs in my office lot!

And last but not least…

Betty White reminding me to end the joke here.

Happy Thanksgiving, regardless of whatever you’re thankful for.

One thought on “Thankful Time of Year

  1. Susan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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