Ho Ho Argh

Apparently if there are Christmas disasters to be had, for me it’s shifted off of Christmas Day (what with the infamous “Greg comes home and finds water pouring in through his ceiling and his possessions floating in an inch of the stuff” moment) and moved to December 23rd. I say “disasters” because I’m hoping that was the worst of it.

The big thing for me was discovering that the Christmas tree had not just toppled over, but actually broken in the night. Completely unusable. Thankfully only one ornament broke, probably because most of the tree hit the couch instead of the floor (or the coffee table). It’s a little frustrating because I’d bought it last year since right now I don’t really have room for a full size live tree. I ended up taking all the ornaments off of the tree and packing them back up. I could have bought another tree but at this point it just seemed easier to call it a day. I’m hoping next year that I can just go back to having a real Christmas tree once more.

Meanwhile, Charlie ended up having all sorts of trouble at the airport due to the backlog of passengers from snowpocalypse earlier in the week. Ugh. One of the big problems of all of the airlines teetering on the edge of bankruptcy is that everyone’s killed half of their schedule. So now when a day’s worth of flights are cancelled, there aren’t tons and tons of other flights to shift all the passengers onto. What a royal mess.

(Speaking of a royal mess, half of my work parking lot is still unplowed. What are they hoping for, 80 degree weather to just melt it all? Good luck on that.)

Oh well. If that’s the worst of it I suppose I should consider myself lucky, right? Minor stuff in the grand scheme of things. Here’s to a quiet and sedate holiday from here on out…

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