The Way I Roll

And now, a brief illustration of how my life normally progresses from one moment to the next.

Yesterday at the pool, I had perhaps my best swim at the 1600-yard distance to date; I beat my previous best from back in October (by just a second, but I hadn’t gotten even close to that time in ages), and afterwards I was congratulating myself on re-finding some drive and slightly-better form in the pool. I’m on my third week of having exercise six days a week, and I think that most of those days are much higher quality too. (Schedule at the end after the jump for those truly interested.)

When I was done, I headed back into the locker room, got cleaned up and changed, and was reaching for my jacket… At which point I managed to hit my forehead against the edge of the locking mechanism on the locker door, and cut it just a tiny bit. The truly sad thing? On Monday I was looking at a photo from last year, in which after swimming I tugged on a locker door a little too hard and (all together now) cut my forehead on the edge of the locker door.

Yes, this is my life. Fortunately I have a pretty good sense of humor about it these days.

And now, for those dying to know (somehow I doubt there are many of you), here’s the current exercise schedule:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1600 yard swim; will add 30-45 min of cycling soonish
Wednesday: spinning class, followed immediately by 2-3 mile run
Thursday: 5 mile run
Friday: shorter & faster swim drills (courtesy
Saturday: run with group, currently 6-8 mile range
Sunday: longer bike ride, latest was 26 miles

It’s been pretty nice. Eventually I’m going to add some short runs after the bike ride on Sunday, but it was important to crack the 25 mile point on the bike so it’s good to have that goal accomplished. (That’s the distance I need for the two triathlons in May and June.)

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