Wine-Book Wednesdays: Gary Spencer Millidge

Gary Spencer Millidge is one of those great guys in comics who you meet and instantly think to yourself, “I would trust him with anything.” He lives in England so I don’t see him very often, but it’s always a real treat to do so. Millidge’s big series is a book called Strangehaven, about a man who ends up in a mysterious village that seemingly won’t let him leave no matter how hard he tries. A great mix of mystery, drama, and soap opera; there are three collections out right now, and I live in eternal hope that someday we’ll see more issues and a fourth volume.

The character above is one of the Knights of the Golden Light, a secret society that lurks within Strangehaven. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg, to be honest…

2 thoughts on “Wine-Book Wednesdays: Gary Spencer Millidge

  1. Dave says:

    I have pretty much given up on ever seeing the end of Strangehaven which is a great shame as I really enjoyed it. Must be going on 5 years now since the last issue.

  2. I’m afraid to look up how long it’s been. One of these days… one of these days…

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