Wine-Book Wednesdays: Christine Norrie

Christine Norrie is one of those comic creators who I haven’t seen enough of lately, both in her work and in person. (I did run into her last year at MoCCA and that was a real delight, though!) I think a lot of people know her as the artist on the original Hopeless Savages mini-series (which is awesome, incidentally, about the children of two members of a punk band), but she’s got a wide and varied group of material out there.

The last comic from her I read was Breaking Up, and it was a nice reminder of how well she can draw average, ordinary people. I also love that she put my name on the bottle of wine. (Some day, I shall own my own vineyard and retire there… yeah right.)

Christine, if you’re reading this, I need more comics from you! 🙂

One thought on “Wine-Book Wednesdays: Christine Norrie

  1. […] him best at the time for drawing the majority of the second Hopeless Savages mini-series (of which Christine Norrie from the previous Wine-Book Wednesdays post drew the first mini-series!), and that’s what […]

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