Wine-Book Wednesdays: Chynna Clugston

I haven’t been to San Diego Comic-Con since 2005, and one of the people I genuinely miss seeing more than anyone else? Chynna Clugston.

Chynna is exactly like her comics would make you think; fast-witted, and so sharp she can give you a paper cut. She’s one of those genuinely awesome people out there that I could just sit and talk to (or listen to!) for hours and never cease to be amused. She’s probably best known for her Blue Monday series of comics, about a group of friends in high school. Of course, this group of friends also has a pooka in the form of a six-foot drunken otter hanging around, so it’s a little off-beat. Just like Chynna.

She’s done a ton of comics over the years and they’re a blast and a half; I do also believe that Chynna holds the record for creating the comic that has gotten the most “comments” posted onto it on my review site. (As of this writing, my review of Queen Bee has 26 comments posted! Most of them from fans saying how much they love the book.)

For the record? “Wine belleh” makes me laugh every time I look at this sketch. Seriously. Every time.

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