Wine-Book Wednesdays: Andi Watson

Andi Watson’s been around the block in the comics industry for ages, and while he’s staked out a name for himself over the years, I find it slightly frustrating that he’s not a bigger star than he is.

He’s got more comics out there than I can even possibly remember; he made his first big splash with Skeleton Key, a book about a girl who finds a key to different dimensions and becomes best-friends with a kitsune (Japanese fox-spirit), which is what the drawing below is from. But he’s done a ton of books since then, from a book about getting laid off and reshaping your life (Breakfast After Noon), to a sly take on romance novels meeting superheroics (Love Fights), to becoming a parent (Little Star). His latest book, Glister, is a series of stories about a young girl and the strange, slightly enchanted life she lives.

Watson’s an amazing comic creator, and I’m hoping we’ll see more from him Stateside before too long.

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