Wine-Book Wednesdays: Batton Lash

I first remember reading Batton Lash‘s comics when they showed up on the back cover of Polyhedron, back in the day. At the time it was titled Wolff and Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre, and as the name implies, it’s about lawyers that work with the supernatural. It’s also an awfully funny comic, whipping up parodies of everything you can imagine. (The book is now titled Supernatural Law, which has a snappier ring to it.)

Over the years as he’s come to SPX, and I’ve been out at San Diego, I’ve gotten to know Batton a bit better and he’s always to stop and talk with about just about anything. His wife, Jackie Estrada, runs the Eisner Awards and she is a much more patient person than I will ever be, as well as also being a treat to hang around.

This is from the last day in San Diego back in 2002, and seeing Mavis (world’s greatest secretary) having the double wine/whine joke was a nice way to start winding down the trip. Take it away, Mavis!

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