Wine-Book Wednesdays: Eddie Campbell

“When are you going to get a sketch from Eddie Campbell?” was the number one question I heard after starting this sketchbook back in 2001. Before becoming extremely well-known for drawing Alan Moore’s From Hell, Campbell wrote and drew Bacchus (previously under the name Deadface), about the craggy-faced but immortal god of wine himself.

Campbell is a real treat to meet, should you ever get the chance. He’s funny and well-spoken, and he’s the sort of person who spends a lot of time thinking about the medium in addition to simply drawing and writing comics. Campbell’s also the kind of person who keeps turning out new projects every time I turn around; The Playwright and The Fate of the Artist are just two of his recent books that I’ve loved.

With this drawing, I brought my 2002 trip to San Diego to a close, and it was a nice way to do so. (It also means I need to start scanning more pages out of my book!)

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