Wine-Book Wednesdays: John Kerschbaum

Whenever I think of John Kerschbaum, it’s his comic The Wiggly Reader that immediately leaps to mind. It’s wonderfully warped and funny, and it was my first introduction to his work. Since then he’s done a variety of projects, from Timberdoodle (a mini-comic about the life of a boy who has an actual log in place of his genitalia), to Petey and Pussy (the two most deranged pets you’ve ever met).

He’s actually someone whose work appears all over the place, though, not just in comics. Every now and then without warning I seem to find myself coming across his illustrations in a variety of publications, from The New Yorker to National Lampoon. It’s always a nice surprise.

His illustration is short and sweet, and it amuses me to no end… just like Kerschbaum’s comics.

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