Grim Truths

I don’t even want to admit how true this is, at times, in regard to myself.

(P.S. Will someone please reissue Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman’s The Wasteland? I would buy several dozen copies of it as gifts. Instead I treasure my lone copy, and while I’m at it also wish for collections of their other big collaboration, Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children. Seriously people, it’s a license to print money.)

3 thoughts on “Grim Truths

  1. andrew says:

    I know! The only comics Jodi brought into our relationship were Wasteland, a near complete set of Beautiful Stories and Epicurus the Sage – and they’ve held up far better than the Ellis/Ennis Veritgo that I was reading at the time. I would love to read those books without having to unearth the singles boxes.

  2. I used to have an almost complete set of BSFUC before a flood wiped them out. *sigh* I replaced the first half dozen or so (can’t remember exactly how many) but never got any further and now, based on the prices at Mile High Comics, am kicking myself for not doing so. If I still went to big conventions I’d start hunting the bins there — would love to get a complete collection now and just get them library bound.

  3. (Oh yes, and Jodi is proven again to clearly have excellent taste.)

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