Gravy Rainbow

This morning I saw a post on Facebook from Gregory Feeley about an article called “Fired.” It talked about what happens when you’re suddenly (and with no warning) dropped as a friend, and I was entranced by it, in part because so much of it sounded awfully familiar.

After writing a long blog post about it, I carefully saved a draft on my computer, then deleted the post itself. It didn’t seem to go anywhere, and it was ultimately going to hurt the feelings of someone. Just wasn’t worth it.

So instead? My friend Dan just sent me this music video for “Gravy Rainbow” and he has declared it the official Thursday themesong. I am down with that. Enjoy!

One thought on “Gravy Rainbow

  1. Susan says:

    Another reason to love you, Greg. I’d like to hear about the friend-dropping experience. Have recently been mulling over that kind of experience, myself.

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