Uberlist 2007

Ok, it’s time for Uberlist 2007. I first heard about this via the far-cooler-and-neater-than-I Kelly Sue DeConnick. She and her old roommate Nikol Lohr made New Year’s To Do Lists back in 1998 instead of New Year’s Resolutions, which is sheer brilliance. In 1998 they had 98 items on their lists (98 things to do in 1998), so since this is 2007, there are 107 items on the uberlist. My first attempt was back in 2003 and I’ve done it ever since.

In the words of Kelly Sue:

I think I only accomplish about 30% of the list in any given year (one year, I didn’t finish MAKING THE LIST) and generally by June there are a good 10 items that are no longer applicable or even desireable, but it’s a fun thing to have nonetheless, and it keeps me focused for the first few months of the year. Then I forget all about it until about, oh, say, NOVEMBER, at which point I scramble about trying to remember where I put last year’s list.

I enjoy the process partially just for the making of the list; it lets me think about things I’d like to do as one year comes to a close and another one begins. I’m never too worried about what does and does not get done; in some ways it’s a list of wishes and desires, not of things that I simply must accomplish. And it’s fun at the end of the year to look back at what seemed important or enticing at the time. It’s simply not possible to do it all; I’d never expect myself to.

But, at any rate, here I go yet again. 


1. Complete a 5K in under 26:23
2. Complete a 10K in under 57:30
3. Complete a 10-miler in under 1:32:38
4. Complete a half-marathon in under 2:06:08
5. Complete a marathon in under 4:46:48
6. Get a session with a personal trainer
7. Go to one gym class
8. Go to the gym on a regular basis
9. Keep my waist fitting in 30″ jeans
10. Learn how to properly use the weights at the gym
11. Quit Gold’s for Arlington Rec, or use Gold’s classes
12. Run regularly each week
13. Run for an 8-mile stretch or higher at least once a month
14. Run a non-DC area race
15. Use the Yoga DVD/cards at least three times

Local Attractions:

16. Go to an exhibition at the Freer/Sackler Galleries
17. Go up to the top of the Washington Monument
18. See a performance at the Shakespeare Theatre
19. See DC Nationals play a game
20. See DC United play a game
21. Visit the National Museum of the American Indian
22. Walk through Rosslyn’s Freedom Park


23. Complete my 365pictures project
24. Continue to go to Dr. Phillips as needed
25. Finish reading China Mieville’s Iron Council
26. Get a tattoo
27. Get car serviced every 5000 miles
28. Go skiing
29. Go to a pub trivia night
30. Go to an allergist
31. Go to the dentist
32. Have my Netflix queue down to under 20 discs by the end of the year
33. Have nothing older than six months on my “least listened to” iTunes playlist at the end of the year
34. Lead the discussion in one of the Lambda Sci-Fi book club selections
35. Read at least 8 of Lambda Sci-Fi’s 11 book club books
36. Read China Mieville’s The Scar
37. Read Storm Constantine’s The Way of Light
38. Read Tanith Lee’s Saint Fire
39. Read the shelf of Doctor Who novellas
40. Resist buying Nintendo games until you’ve thoroughly played the ones you have
41. Start the New Year in a way you want the rest to follow
42. Take 20 pictures for my 50 state street photo project
43. Try wax instead of shaving at least once
44. Watch all the rest of the Avengers ’67 Set 3
45. Watch Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru
46. Watch Akira Kurosawa’s Ran
47. Watch Batman Animated Volume 1 DVDs
48. Watch Batman Animated Volume 2 DVDs
49. Watch LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring extended edition DVD from start to finish
50. Watch Prisoner DVDs Volumes 1-2
51. Watch the rest of Boogiepop Phantom


52. Go on a small, local vacation
53. Go to Las Vegas
54. Go to Toronto
55. Visit Marc when you’re in Los Angeles
56. Visit my grandparents in Pennsylvania


57. Bake a cake
58. Bake something you’ve never made before
59. Clean aquarium and change filter & water regularly
60. Cook dinner for friends
61. Cook new recipes regularly
62. Don’t buy so many frivolous things
63. Empty out the freezer and eat/discard what’s inside
64. Finish scanning all your books into a database
65. Floss your teeth every day
66. Get a Christmas tree
67. Get a code for the front door
68. Go through books and donate ones I no longer want
69. Go to bed by 10:30pm on a regular basis
70. Hang more original art
71. Keep piles of stuff from forming
72. Make a new curried chocolate dessert
73. Make homemade pasta
74. Sell any original art that you are no longer interested in
75. Sell the Big Finish plays that you’ll never listen to again
76. Sell the DVDs you’ll never watch again
77. Soak in the tub and just relax at least once a month
78. Sort through the comics and weed out what you can
79. Sort through file cabinets and shred as needed
80. Spend less time on the computer
81. Sort through my CD singles and either store or sell them
82. Take unneeded clothes and appliances to Goodwill
83. Vacuum every week
84. Wear nicer clothing on a regular basis
85. Work on reducing debt


86. Bring your lunch more often than buying it
87. Clean out and re-arrange my office bookshelves
88. Donate the box of action figures to Goodwill
89. Find a home for the bag of old SF magazines and books
90. Finish hanging art for the office
91. Get rid of the boxes piled under the table
92. Get to work by 9:30 on a regular basis
93. Learn Flash
94. Learn JavaScript
95. Spruce up the plants in my office


96. Mail your marathon thank-you cards
97. Participate in NaNoWriMo
98. Regularly backup and archive my documents folder
99. Start and finish a short story
100. Send the finished story to two markets
101. Stay on top of review submissions
102. Write a nice holiday letter and send with cards
103. Write an article for Enlightenment
104. Write comics reviews on regular basis
105. Write travel journals
106. Write a comic book pitch

107. Stay on top of new projects I start and don’t let them linger in limbo.

4 thoughts on “Uberlist 2007

  1. Susan says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! I love it. Love it. I am a firm believer in putting it out there to go get things that you want.

    I love that changing oil in car is under leisure.

    I just love your list.

  2. Barrett says:

    Our mutual friend Susan Frikken called your blog to my attention. What a concept this “uberlist” is! You’ve inspired me to create my own, which will no doubt leave me feeling equal parts virtuous (for thinking up all those cool items) and guilt-ridden (for accomplishing at best a micro-fraction of ’em). But at least my personal road to hell will be paved with *lots* of good intentions. Look forward to reading more…

  3. Susan — I figure an uberlist is right up your alley. 🙂 We’ll see how many things I actually get done, though!

    Barrett — Hi! Welcome to the insanity… Hope you aren’t too scared!

    I tell you, making the list is half the fun when it comes to the uberlist.

  4. […] the end of the year, and as such, time to look at what I accomplished on this year’s Uberlist. It’s a pretty good tally this year (45/107 completed), thanks in part to almost everything […]

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