DCist Exposed 2008

DCist is having their second annual DCist Exposed photography exhibition, and like last year, I’m going to take a stab at trying to get into it. You can only submit three photographs for consideration, so this time I’m going to open it up to you to help me pick the best entries. You can look at the winners from last year here, and the earlier link talks about what they’re looking for in general.

There are some photos here that I’m leaning towards more than others, but I’ll be curious to see what other people think.

So, with all that in mind—which of these photos (if any!) jump out at you? Thoughts?

The End of the Day

Vault of Night

Rainbow Windows

One Pill Makes You Larger


Farmer's Market Eggplant

Underground Glow



Rainy Evening

4 thoughts on “DCist Exposed 2008

  1. Stuart says:

    I’m no photographer, but the Metro one is pretty cool, as is the one with the tablets in an orange glass (?). Is there no requirement for the photos to be demonstrably of Washington DC though?

  2. Terry says:

    First glance, going through quickly to see what jumped out: Broken glass, eggplants, metro

    second Glance: same as above and add the rainbow house

  3. Stuart — The majority of them from last year were of DC shots, but not all of them will. In the guidelines they do say to not have pictures of Not-DC (their example being that a photo of the Eiffel Tower would not make it in), but it doesn’t have to be of a specific thing in the area.

    Which is, of course, clear as mud.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Rainy Evening, Underground Glow and Violation are winners

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