One Brief Weather-Related Grumble

For my running program this winter, I was supposed to run five miles today. For anyone who’s in the DC area, you will know that there’s that whole strange phenomenon known as snow covering the area. (Just a couple of inches, nothing to freak out about, even though people are somehow unsurprisingly doing just that.) So running outside seems like a good idea only ifI am desperate to break a leg. And with book club tonight (I’m leading the discussion, no less), I can’t wait until this evening to pick up the distance.

I got up early so I could head to the community center, where I could run around and around and around their indoor track 40 times. And riiiiight before I left, I decided to check Arlington County’s weather closing website. Good thing I did; due to the weather, the facility wasn’t opening until 10am. Argh!

Still, it’s all (mostly) good. I ended up working at home for a few hours (waiting for all rush hour traffic to go away), and then came in. Which means that in an hour or so, I can leave (having worked a full day), go home and change, and go over to the no-doubt-empty community center and get my run in. So, in theory, it’s working out in the end. But I kind of wish I’d gotten to sleep in today. Oh well.

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