In My Fantasy Life…

I’ve joked with friends before that I have a very well-realized fantasy life, one involving having somehow hit the lottery for so much money that I will never have to work again. (This is impressive, as I almost never actually play the lottery.)

But after browsing through the Criterion DVD section of Barnes & Noble yesterday (while contemplating taking advantage of their buy-2-get-1-free sale on all DVDs in the store), I decided that if somehow this fantasy life ever does happen, one of the things I will do is buy every single Criterion DVD I can get my hands on, then start working my way through the entire collection.

Sure, eventually it might get boring, but I’m willing to take that chance.

4 thoughts on “In My Fantasy Life…

  1. Not sure if you saw my review this morning, but the new Postwar Kurosawa box is worth getting. I know you keep your eye on his stuff.

  2. Jelena Jankovic says:

    When I was down 9-8 in the third set yesterday, my love of the Greg and his awesomeness got me through. We Serbs know awesomeness and Greg is where it is at. And then I won – 12-10 in the third set. Thanks Greg, you hotness monster!

  3. Jamie — I did indeed! I’d known nothing about the films that are in the boxed set, so now I am even more excited about it.

    As it is, I just picked up Drunken Angel at the sale (along with Late Spring and Early Summer), so between those and all the other backlogged DVDs, I think I shall be good for a while.

    Just to be safe, though, I put the boxed set on my Wishlist. Birthday coming up, after all…

  4. Drunken Angel is the one I don’t have yet. It came out after the last online sale and someone else got it to review, alas. I have a few coupons/rebates coming, so maybe will pick it up with one of those.

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