Spinning My Wheels

Spin Spin SpinI can always tell when I haven’t been to spinning class in a couple of weeks—it seriously kicks my ass afterwards. I can feel it in my quads in particular, they’re feeling like someone just hit them with a lead pipe. It’s good for me, though; in 2005 and 2006, my quads were killing me starting around mile 18 of my marathon, and in 2007? No quad problems at all. Between that and Fred’s stretching routines, I’m much better off.

I think the last spinning class I actually made it to was in late December; since then, the Wednesday classes have been booked solid to the point that I showed up half an hour early a week ago and still didn’t make it in. I’d heard that the Tuesday night classes aren’t quite so full, though, so I made it over today. Sure enough, half an hour early and instead of the class already being booked, no one else had even come to get a pass yet.

The funny thing, it’s technically an “Introduction to Spinning” class but I think all but two people were regulars from Wednesday nights. I’ll miss going to Theresa’s classes (although she’ll be out for a little while, she’s having knee surgery very soon) but for now, this will be a nice substitute.

And as an added bonus, this means soon I can also go back to my “Spinning Class Dinner Reward” of a quarter chicken and some rice from Pio Pio. Mmmm, Peruvian rotisserie chicken. So, so, so tasty.

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