Wine-Book Wednesdays: Steve Lieber

Steve Lieber is one of those artists who, I think, has drawn just about everything. He’s tackled Batman over in Detective Comics and a sequel to The Road to Perdition for DC Comics, and had a pretty hefty high-profile Civil War: Front Line mini-series at Marvel when their huge Civil War event was published. He’s drawn Grendel Tales for Dark Horse, and so many other projects I can’t keep listing them.

Oh yeah, and there’s this little book called Whiteout that he drew, of which the movie starring Kate Beckinsale has finished filming. I love Whiteout, with its tight and tense story from Greg Rucka and the gorgeous, atmospheric art from Steve Lieber. (I actually own all five pages of art that tell the historical prequel that kicks off Whiteout: Melt, in fact.) So I was delighted that Steve Lieber’s contribution featured Whiteout star Carrie Stetko, chilling (no pun intended) out in an igloo.

As an added bonus, I had to laugh at how he signed the art. Too, too funny.

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