Wine-Book Wednesdays: Andy Bennett

Andy Bennett is an artist who really should be a superstar.

He did art for a bunch of books from Caliber Press, since moved on to draw some of the official Vampire: The Masquerade comics for Moonstone Books, and has done a lot of illustration work for a number of game publishers (including White Wolf’s Vampire sourcebooks). Every time I run across more art by Andy Bennett—which is unfortunately few and far between, it seems—I’m always pleased to see that someone out there is recognizing his brilliance. Hopefully the rest of the comics industry will catch up before long.

I do have to laugh in that sometimes people glance at this piece and think, “Oh, it’s just a girl drinking wine.” And others look a little closer and instantly realize that’s not quite it. It works either way, of course, but one has a little more bite to it. So to speak.

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